Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jane Lui - Goodnight Company

I've been frustrated several times lately by receiving CDs from people who are wonderful live performers, but recorded lackluster CDs.  What a joy to get this one.  I've known Jane since she moved up from L.A.  She walked in the door of the South Bay Folks open mike and really astonished us all.  She's small, and goofy, and funny, and sexy, and pretty, and when she sits at a piano and begins to sing you forget all that.  She takes over a room with her voice.  If that was all she'd be a phenomenon, but it's not.  She plays many instruments, (many!), she writes great songs, she has a degree in Choral Conducting, she dances, (as you'll see in the Jailcard video), and she's bigger than life.  She's getting more and more popular and will soon be too popular for this site which specializes in musicians who don't yet have a large national or international following, so I thought I'd better hurry up and review this CD.  I enjoyed her CD Barkentine and had high expectations for this one.  I was not disappointed.  You should take the opportunity to see her on her YouTube channel, so you can fall for her too.  You can get it for free at her website, or you can buy it.  She deserves the money for this.  It's great.

Standouts include Edelweiss, a harmonically beautiful rendition of the song from The Song of Music, Jailcard, which became a video because it makes me want to dance, Illusionist Boy for the guitar and the tale of wistful love for a boy that is gone.  Southern Winds is a perfect song of contentment and love.  Take me for now sounds like a song from a musical with the memorable line, "Take me for now, you silly"!  Long Ago is beautiful and wistful.